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Fifty-Four Dogs Take Freedom Flight from Palm Springs

June 20, 2014: On Saturday, June 21 at 9:30am, fifty-four homeless Chihuahuas, terriers, dachshund mixes and shepherd mixes from The Riverside County Animal Shelter (RCAS) in Thousand Palms will board two non-commercial airplanes at Signature Airport in Palm Springs.... (Click link to read full story) /announcements/fifty-four-dogs-take-freedom-flight-from-palm-springs-airport

Animal Samaritans Reaches Rescue Milestone

March 18, 2014: Animal Samaritans has reached a milestone in their Adoption Alliance Animal Rescue program: 5,000 adoptable dogs and cats saved in less than three years.  /announcements/animal-samaritans-reaches-rescue-milestone-5-000-saved

Animal Samaritans Approaches 5,000 Rescues

March 14, 2014: Before the Easter bunny hits the bunny trails and the kids come home for Spring Break, Animal Samaritans’ Adoption Alliance Program will reach an animal rescue milestone: 5,000 animals saved in less than 3 years....(Click link to read full story) /pdfs/March 2014, AnSams Approaches 5,000 Rescues.docx

Puppy Love Permeates the Catwalk 

December 18, 2013: Animal Samaritans SPCA presents the Desert’s 5th annual Men of the Desert Fashion show, featuring local models with their distinguished dogs (and puppies) ruling the catwalk. Once again....  (Click link to read full story) /pdfs/Dec. 2013, MOD 2014, Media Release.doc

Animal Samaritans Helps Pet Owners Comply with New Pit Bull Spay/Neuter Mandate

October 11, 2013: Animal Samaritans is helping Coachella Valley pet owners comply with the approaching mandatory Spay/Neuter law for pit bull owners residing in the unincorporated areas of Riverside County.... (Click link to read full story) /pdfs/Oct 2013, AnSams Helps Pit Bull Owners Comply with Mandatory Spay Neuter Law.doc

Coachella Valley Brewery Opens Doors Early to Support Local Charity 

August 14, 2013: Until this week, the massive, metallic High Efficiency Brewing System (HEBS), was still a virgin. Except for a lone shelf displaying several brewing trophies, the wood-paneled walls of the tasting room are bare, and the row of beer taps remains unlabeled.... (Click link to read full story) /pdfs/Aug. 2013, Coachella Valley Brewery Opens Doors to Support Local Charity.docx

Animal Samaritans Offers Free Summer Camps to Local Children

July 30, 2013: This August, Animal Samaritans will offer two free mini-Critter Camps for children residing in Oasis and Mecca.  The first grant-funded mini Critter Camp will be held.... (Click link to read full story) /pdfs/July 2013, Animal Samaritans Offers Free Summer Camps to Local Children.doc

Boxes of Abandoned Pets Appearing in Thousand Palms

July 15, 2013: Yesterday morning, Animal Samaritans’ shelter attendant Margie Orei spied a 1-1/2 foot by 1-1/2 foot cardboard box outside the front door of AnSams’ no-kill animal shelter and instinctively knew what was inside.... (Click link to read full story) /pdfs/July 2013, Boxes of Abandoned Animals Appearing This Month.doc

Animal Samaritans Makes Room for Indio’s Displaced Shelter Animals

July 12, 2013: How will the Valley’s largest public animal shelter, Riverside County Animal Services (RCAS), find enough kennels and cages for the influx of dogs and cats coming from Indio’s now-defunct animal shelter?  What happens to the animals... (Click link to read full story). /pdfs/July 2013, AnSams Makes Room for Indio Shelter Animals.doc

Therapy Dogs Sent to Soothe Students

June 4, 2013: Animal Samaritans is pleased to help the students of Marywood-Palm Valley School lower their blood pressure, strengthen their immune systems, and most importantly, reduce their stress levels during final exams week.... (Click link to read full story). /pdfs/June 2013, Therapy Dogs Sent to Soothe Students.doc

Increased Signs of Dog Fighting Surface in Our Desert Community

March 15, 2013: The larger dog always fought to kill, while Capone, with his docile disposition and his muzzle taped shut, would simply fight to stay alive....  (Click link to read full story). /pdfs/May 2013, Signs of Dog Fighting Surface.doc

AnSams Rescues 2,000th Homeless Animal

September 05, 2012: A shaggy, salt and pepper colored terrier mix with an injured leg became the 2,000th animal rescued by Animal Samaritans’ Adoption Alliance program... (Click link to read full story). AnSams rescues 2,000th animal, 9-5-12.pdf

AnSams Rescues Police Puppies

July, 2, 2012: In Cathedral City, thermometers pealed at 109 degrees the first day in July. That night, Cathedral City police officer Alberto Ochoa discovered a box... (Click link to read full story)
AnSams Rescues Puppies found by Police, 2012, 7-2-12.pdf

Protect Your Pets from Coyotes
June 21, 2012: Summer is officially here, and summer heat and dryness means less food and water for our desert's predatory animals. No surprisingly, we often see more coyotes in our parks, neighborhoods, back yards, and golf courses this time of year.... (Click link to read full story)
Protect Your Pets from Coyote Attacks 2012, MR, 6-21-12.pdf

Mini-Panthers for Adoption at the Westfield Mall

June 5, 2012: This Saturday, June 9, Animal Samaritans is bringing several adoptable dogs and six mini-panthers to the Westfield Mall.... (Click link to read full story)
Mini-Panther Pet Adoption Event 2012, 6-5-12.pdf

Cool Teen Keeps Animals Cool

May 10, 2012: Jake Freedman, a 15-year-old student from Palm Desert High School, will soon join an exclusive group of highly driven individuals that includes astronaut Neil Armstrong, film director Steven Spielberg, and former president Gerald R. Ford.... (Click link to read full story)
Cool Teen Works to Keep Animals Cool 2012, 5-10-12.pdf

Desert Charities Team Up for Important Cause

April 3, 2012: Animal Samaritans SPCA and The Inland Empire chapter of United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) have teamed up to raise money for.... (Click link to read full story)
Paws for a Cause 2012, MR, 4-3,12.pdf

Desert's Largest Animal Walk 

March 13, 2012: Animal Samaritans will hold its 12th annual Walk for the Animals on Saturday, March 31, at the Palm Desert Civic Park. Roughly 500 pet owners.... (Click link to read full story)
Walk 12, MR, 3-13-12.pdf

Free Pet Vaccination Clinic for East Valley Residents
March 1, 2012: Thanks to a generous grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Animal Samaritans will provide a free pet vaccination clinic....  (Click to read full story)
AnSams Free Vaccination Clinic MR 2012, 3-1-12.pdf