Animal Samaritans

Pet Adoption

PET ADOPTION PROGRAM - Animal Samaritans maintains a licensed no-kill animal shelter that houses adoptable animals until a responsible home can be found for them. We house cats, kittens, small to medium-sized dogs, and puppies. This shelter is located at 72-307 Ramon Road in Thousand Palms, and is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 4:30pm. *Open Sundays by appointment only.   Before adopting out a pet, we spay/neuter, microchip, and provide necessary medical examinations and vaccinations for every animal.

Through our Adoption Alliance program, we also help rescue and adopt out homeless dogs and cats at The Coachella Valley City/County Animal Shelter, aka “The Pound,” located at the Animal Campus next door to our Animal Samaritans’ Veterinary Clinic.

All cats and dogs are spayed or neutered before they are adopted. Additionally, they are provided necessary medical attention, testing, evaluation and vaccinations.

Adoption Fees at Animal Samaritans are as follows:

  • Dogs: $100
  • Puppies (dogs under four months): $125
  • Cats & Kittens: $85

Adoption Counselors are available to help you with your pet-related questions! If you would like to help support our shelter operation, Please join our "Paws for a Friend" in-house sponsorship program. You can help us to provide the care for these rescued animals. Visit our How To Help page for more info.

Please note that we make every effort to keep this website up-to-date however, the animal you may be interested in may have already been adopted. Animal Samaritans cannot adopt out any animal that has not been spayed/neutered. Likewise there may be medical reasons that exclude a pet from immediate adoption.

For information about adoptions, please call the Adoption Counselor at 760-343-3477.