50 Desert Kittens Saved and Sent to Oregon

Thousand Palms, CA – June 21, 2017:   Fifty homeless kittens from the Coachella Valley now have a second chance at life at the Oregon Humane Society in Portland.

June 20, 2017, volunteers from Animal Samaritans’ Highway Heroes pet transport program drove 50 eight-to-ten week old shelter kittens in Animal Samaritans’ rescue van from the Coachella Valley to Yreka, a small town in Northern California.  The kittens stayed the night at an area pet hotel and picked up by the Oregon Humane Society, who drove them another 5 hours north to Portland. The 1,600 round trip journey for our Desert drivers is one of labor and love.  This is the second rescue from to Oregon from the No-Kill Coachella Valley group, whose principle nonprofits include Animal Samaritans, The Bianca Rae Foundation, Palm Springs Animal Shelter, Riverside County Animal Shelter and Loving all Animals.

Last month we transports of 18 dogs at-risks dogs to the Oregon Humane Society.  During the year 2016, we transferred 180 kittens and 30 dogs from Desert shelters to our animal rescue partners in Portland.

Rescuing animals is a coordinated effort managed by Michelle Bergeron, who is the Animal Rescue Supervisor for Animal Samaritans.  She works with Riverside County Animal Shelter and other animal shelters and rescues to get those at risk animals safe to a loving home or shelter.  With the Coachella Valley being in “kitten season” right now, many kittens are at risk.  Currently, only 30% of all cats that enter into the local public shelter find loving homes.

The more we can put animals into a rescue home or another humane society, the more lives we save.  This allows the shelters and rescues to then save more kittens throughout the Valley, and puts us further along the way to a No-Kill Coachella Valley.

Several years ago, the Oregon Humane Society established a successful spay and neuter program; as a result, today they find themselves with more demand for kittens they can supply to residents without bringing outside felines from outside sources.  At the present time, the Coachella Valley has plenty of kittens to share.  It is a win-win situation for all of us.

Animal Samaritans is a community-leading 501c3 Animal Welfare organization established in 1978 to improve the lives of animals and people.   In addition to our high-quality affordable veterinary services, we rely on individual and corporate donors, grants, planned giving, and fundraising efforts to maintain and expand our many programs and services.  We employ over 40 employees and utilize community volunteers to carry out our mission.

Animal Samaritans champions’ compassion and respect for all living creatures, with a primary focus on dogs, cats, and the humans who love them.