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Animal Samaritans’ Humane Education Program teaches children and adults the skills and knowledge necessary to properly care for animals, and helps instill a lifelong sense of responsibility and respect for all living things. Our curriculum is grade specific and is based on California State Standards. Each presentation includes a visit with a live animal friend and educational handouts for students and parents. Presentations are available in English and Spanish.

For information about staff visits to your school, our Paws for Love adoption program, or our Pet Wellness Seminars (teaching basic pet first aid & pet CPR), contact our Humane Education Department at 760-601-3761 or email us at


Each presentation includes a visit with a live animal friend and educational handouts for students and parents.  Students in 1st Grade through High School are introduced to the importance of pet vaccinations, microchipping pets, and Spaying or Neutering.

  • Preschool/Head Start Basic Pet Care is a 25 minute presentation.  This program uses basic pet care items and stuffed animals to convey what pets need to be happy and healthy.
  • Kindergarten A Visit to the Vet is a 30 minute presentation.  This reenactment of a visit to the veterinarian will teach students vocabulary by utilizing tools veterinarians use for pet wellness exams.  This is a great program to reinforce kindness and pet care.
  • First grade Bite Free is a 45 minute presentation that focuses on dog bite prevention and safe behavior around dogs. Students view the award winning “Bite Free” video, afterwards, the we reinforce the message by role playing dog safety scenarios.
  • Second grade Lost Dog Mystery is a 45 minute presentation.  Students become responsible pet owners by learning what to do if their pets get lost.  As we read the class a story, students work together by predicting what will happen next and following the steps to finding the lost dog.
  • Third grade House Hunting is a 45 minute presentation.  Students will recognize that because of pet overpopulation, there are not enough homes available for all the cats and dogs who need them.  They will understand that spaying and neutering a pet is part of being a responsible caregiver.
  • Fourth grade Animal Abandonment is a 45 minute presentation.  Students learn why people abandon their pets, how to avoid pet abandonment, and solutions to each problem.  We reinforce the fact that abandoning pets is illegal and talk about what animals might face once they arrive at a shelter.
  • Fifth grade Don’t Judge a Dog by Its Breed (Animal Cruelty) is a 45 minute presentation.  Students exercise compassion and empathy by relating to dogs that are judged or stereotyped by their breed.  The class participates in a fun game where they learn more about animal cruelty.
  • Middle School Anti-Cruelty PowerPoint is a 45-50 minute presentation.  We offer a presentation that focuses on pet overpopulation and ending animal cruelty. The presentation includes a discussion about different forms of animal cruelty such as dog fighting and Puppy Mills.
  • High School Careers with Animals is a 45-50 minute PowerPoint presentation. This presentation would be perfect for a “Career Day” program or just a classroom visit.

Service Learning: Our clinic and animal shelter is a great place for students to learn and experience the functions in an animal medical center. Animal Samaritans is currently involved in the job shadowing program with the Health Academies at Coachella Valley High School and La Quinta High School. We also welcome veterinary assistant interns from ROP in Indio. Please contact our Education Department if you are interested in providing this hands-on opportunity to your students.