Pet First Aid/CPR


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Your pets depend on you for their basic needs and survival. What would you do if your pet was experiencing a life-threatening emergency, or if a large scale earthquake occurred and you had to evacuate? Do you know what to do? Are you prepared for these types of situations?

Animal Samaritans is here to give you the knowledge about Pet First Aid, Pet CPR and disaster preparedness. Our program curriculum comes from the American Red Cross, the leaders in emergency preparedness and response.

Pet Disaster Preparedness

Have a certified Pet First Aid & CPR instructor talk to your community group, HOA, boy and girl scouts, or other organization. We offer FREE disaster preparedness presentations (children’s groups include first aid). Learn what you need to have in your pets’ disaster kit and other useful information on what to do if disaster strikes. Call 760-601-3761 or email to schedule a presentation.

Dog First Aid & CPR

Prerequisites: none
This hands-on course uses visuals, demonstrations, and pet manikin skills testing to teach how to perform a variety of lifesaving techniques including CPR, rescue breathing and bandaging. The CPR skills taught can be used for both dogs and cats. You will learn how to provide initial care in these types of emergency situations: choking, bleeding, burns, shock, heat stroke and snakebites. Learn how to create a disaster action plan and kit for your pets. All participants will receive a Dog First Aid and CPR book, DVD and an American Red Cross certificate of completion.

Cat First Aid & CPR

Prerequisites: Dog First Aid & CPR
This condensed course is a follow up for anyone who has taken Dog First Aid and CPR. Learn how to handle a cat in distress, small animal CPR, two-man CPR, and First Aid basics. All participants will receive a Cat First Aid and CPR book, DVD and an American Red Cross certificate of completion.

Pet First Aid & CPR Review Course

Prerequisites: Dog First Aid & CPR
Did you forget some important concepts from class? Do you want to review your First Aid and CPR skills? This primarily hands-on course will review rescue breathing, CPR, and choking. You will also learn new skills like two-rescuer CPR, different bandaging techniques, and practice emergency scenarios.