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Need a speaker for your next group meeting? Ask Animal Samaritans!
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Presentation Topics Include:

Animal Samaritans: Improving the lives of animals and people

For over 30 years Animal Samaritans has been providing an affordable veterinary clinic, a shelter for homeless dogs and cats, a humane education program for children and adults, and our award winning Animal Assisted Therapy program which visits hospitals, assisted living centers, and special needs classrooms. Learn more about our charitable organization and what you can do to help animals in our community. Presentation length: 15-30 minutes.

Pet Disaster Preparedness

Your pets depend on you for their basic needs and survival. What would you do if your pet was experiencing a life-threatening emergency? If a large scale earthquake occurred and you had to evacuate? Do you know what to do? Are you prepared for these types of situations? Learn from a certified American Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR instructor about what you need to have in your pets’ disaster kit, evacuation planning, and other useful information on what to do if disaster strikes. A Pet First Aid demonstration is included for children’s groups. Presentation length: 20-30 minutes.


The Value of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

AAT volunteer teams, made up of dogs/cats and their owners, visit special needs classrooms, assisted living facilities, acute and convalescent hospitals, retirement homes, and juvenile hall. Many people in hospitals and convalescents homes are without their pets. AAT pets offer the health benefits of touching, feeling, and experiencing the presence of an animal.
Hear heartwarming, firsthand accounts of the benefits of AAT for people. Maybe your pet has the temperament to join the AAT team! Learn about the training process and temperament testing needed for AAT involvement. Presentation length: 20-30 minutes.

Feral Cats in Your Community: What You Can Do to Help Solve Animal Overpopulation

Is your neighborhood overrun by feral cats? You can combat the overpopulation of these unwanted animals by starting a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) program in your community. Animal Samaritans can assist you by providing education, trap rentals, and affordable spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations. Have an Animal Samaritans team member speak to your HOA, country club, or other community group to learn how to help feral cats. Presentation length: 20-30 minutes.

What to do if you Find a Stray Pet and Pet Care Resources

Most people have found a lost or stray pet. But do you know what to do the next time you find one? Or do you know what to do if you find an injured wild animal? In this presentation you will learn how to safely approach and handle a homeless pet, the jurisdictions of Animal Control and what they do to help animals, and the roles of non-profit pet shelters, and animal care resources. Presentation length:20-30 minutes.

Dog Safety and Bite Prevention: What parents need to know

It takes only seconds for your child’s life to change from being bitten by an unknown dog or even the family pet. Pets are a part of our family and it is important to keep your pets and your children safe. In this presentation you will learn about animal body language and how to recognize an animal that may bite. Children need to learn how to play safely and show kindness towards animals. This important presentation is ideal for families bringing in a new family member to the home. Presentation length: 20-30 minutes.

Why Train Your Dog?

Even the most loving, “perfect” pets need basic training and manners. No one likes it when an unruly dog jumps on them, won’t stop barking, chews up household items, shows aggression to other dogs, pulls on the leash, or simply does not listen! Basic obedience training helps to eliminate these kinds of issues and makes living with your pet a calmer, less stressful and more fun relationship. Talk to a dog trainer about the benefits of positive reinforcement training and learn about dog training resources. Presentation length: 20-30 minutes.

Call 760-601-3761or email education@animalsamaritans.org to schedule a presentation.