Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Animal Samaritans. Our volunteers play a vital role in the success of Animal Samaritans’ mission of Improving The Lives of Animals and People.


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We call them volunteers, but to the staff, and the animals, they are heroes. Wherever they serve, volunteers are a highly valued resource to Animal Samaritans.

Help us help the animals and your community! Become a volunteer for Animal Samaritans. As a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, Animal Samaritans relies on caring volunteers to help with its many programs and events. If you are interested in supporting our cause with your time and abilities, we’d love to hear from you.

Please note,  you must be at least 18 years old to volunteer for Animal Samaritans.  For a list projects that you can do at home, Click Here.


The shelter provides animals with a safe environment to live out their lives until a “forever home” is found. Volunteers help the animals feel more comfortable at the shelter by interacting with them through play, grooming, and conversation. Generally provide love until permanent adopters can be found. This is an important job to help socialize the animal and therefore increase their chances of becoming adopted.

Cat Cuddlers – Volunteers in this program will help ensure that cats in our shelters are in a state of optimal physical, behavioral & emotional health. Living in a shelter can be stressful and depressing – help our cats stay happy while they wait for their forever homes!

Dog Walkers – Shelters are constantly in need of dog walkers to help take care of the dogs and give them some much needed (and looked-forward-to!) exercise outside of their kennels. It doesn’t take a lot of time, the exercise is great, and the rewards are endless!

Foster Parents – Provide a temporary home (perhaps for 3 – 4 weeks) for animals waiting to be adopted.


Our clinic is staffed by a licensed veterinarian and trained support personnel. While we are not in need of volunteers within the clinic itself, we are in need of Greeters.

Front Desk greeters will work alongside Animal Samaritans staff to expedite the pet owner’s progress through the admissions and pick-up processes. As our Greeter, a big part of your job is to make our clients and their pets feel welcome and valued. How we treat our clients creates an impression that will stay with them and be passed on to their friends and families. So, you would be an important element of our success.


Visit our AAT page to learn how you and your pet can bring companionship and emotional well-being to residents in hospitals, convalescent homes, assisted living centers and Juvenile Hall centers.


Our staff visits 14,000 school students annually, from Palm Springs to Mecca. They hold pet wellness seminars for adults and students on basic animal first aid and pet CPR.


Animal Samaritans holds several annual fundraisers, which raises much needed proceeds and awareness for our organization. Volunteers are always needed to help organize and run the event. Our Angels Auxiliary is a group of volunteers who specialize in organizing and putting on special events.


Animal Samaritans strives to ensure that its donors receive special attention. A Donor Appreciation volunteer helps us recognize those without whom the organization cannot survive. Our goal is to have donors thanked for their contribution to the organization and have them develop an increased understanding of how their donations support the important work that we do. Furthermore, we wish to provide a forum for donor feedback should they wish to give it.


Sometimes, Animal Samaritans staff need help accomplishing the day to day stuff that keeps our machine running. Administrative support volunteers work in the offices.

The help we need is diverse and might include data entry, tracking auction items, making phone calls, making copies, conducting research, stapling pages, and folding, stuffing and labeling envelopes for mailings. Volunteers may also assist with writing newsletters, forms, invitations, fact sheets and donor database work.