Adoption Alliance


You can help us continue rescuing animals through the Adoption Alliance Animal Rescue Program by giving; visit Make a Donation to give an online donation.

Animal Samaritans’ Adoption Alliance Animal Rescue Program is dedicated to saving lives by rescuing adoptable shelter animals and since its inception in 2011 we have saved 8,430 lives (and counting). In partnership with the Coachella Valley City/County Animal Shelter, Animal Samaritans works closely with a network of animal shelters, rescue groups, and pet fostering networks to find city/county dogs and cats temporary refuge and permanent homes. The Adoption Alliance Animal Rescue Program also strives to rescue and adopt out animals at pet adoption events and by promoting dogs and cats for adoption through local media, internet, and social media resources.

Our Adoption Alliance Animal Rescue Program is quite underfunded, and we have found a way to help increase our donations. I am pleased to announce we now have our very own web store! New designs WILL continue to be added  – so keep checking back for cool new things. And remember – the profits from every purchase go to help fund the Adoption Alliance Animal Rescue Program!  Click on the button below to visit our web store.

 Be sure to watch the short video featuring some of our Saved Friends.