Pet Wellness Exams


Pet Wellness Exams are key to preventing health problems before they start. During your pet’s exam, an Animal Samaritans vet will ask questions about his/her behavior, eating habits, and current routines. The vet will also perform a hands-on physical assessment of your animal. He will then make the appropriate nutritional and health care recommendations for your animal.

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Pet Wellness

Exams cost $56.34 and MUST be scheduled in advance. Exams generally take between 15 and 40 minutes. Depending on the age, breed and medical history of your pet, Animal Samaritans can perform a variety of diagnostic tests and procedures to ensure your best friend receives the attention he/she deserves.

Additional services offered following a pet exam include:

  • Blood work tests to check for pathogens and the proper functioning of organs.
  • X-rays to detect tumors, organ, or skeletal problems.
  • Fecal Tests, done to check for internal parasites.
  • Urinalysis that will look for signs of kidney disease.
  • Thyroid Tests can monitor hormone levels.
  • Vaccinations – older pets need them too.
  • Dietary changes that account for the age, breed and medical history of your pet.
  • Dental Care. Poor dental health can shorten your pet’s life, and leads to bad breath, loss of teeth, gum disease and more serious illness if left untreated.

 If you are scheduling your pet for a spay or neuter procedure, we encourage mentioning your interest in having your pet’s dental care needs addressed at the same time.